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Market Analyst caters for the needs of the broader trading community
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Market Analyst Professional is Market Analyst Software's best selling version, catering for the needs of the broader trading community. Market Analyst Professional is used by private traders and investors, professional traders and corporate traders around the globe.

Market Analyst Professional includes over 120 tools, indicators and market scans, ranging from trader's most treasured and timeless indicators, through to new indicators based on new emerging market studies.

3D Technical Analysis Charting

View the market in a whole new perspective. The 3D technical analysis charts within Market Analyst allows you to study price patterns in the third dimension, giving you access to visual information not available in a 2D chart. The 3D technical analysis charts also give you the ability to study 3D pattern relationships between indicators.

Market Analyst Interface

The Market Analyst interface allows you to link directly with your favourite research sites, automatically display technical analysis of your current holdings and customise any number of other options for one stop news and analysis. The new layout also dramatically reduces screen clutter and provides options of various colour themes, allowing you to customise your technical analysis to suit you as an individual.

Watch Lists & Course Of Trades

Want to see your technical analysis on a whole series of charts without having to create a workbook? The Market Analyst Watchlist feature allows you to do just that. Also, for live data users, Course of Trades information is included, allowing for intricate intraday technical analys

Real Time Data

All Market Analyst technical analysis tools work with real time data on any time frame. Whether you are working with 1 minute, 4 minute, 60 minute, tick or even 20 tick charts, it doesn’t matter, you can even customise your own time frames. For real time US shares, US Futures, European or Asian markets Market Analyst will work with iQFeed, for real time Australian markets and real time FOREX, you can use Market Analyst Real Time Data.

Tool Selection & Tool Positioning

To make the selection and application of tools to charts easy and fast, Market Analyst includes a brilliant concept for applying technical analysis tools. Market Analyst also allows you to place your favourite indicators anywhere on the screen for easy access.

Easy Chart Navigation

Chart Navigation has just become easier. The Market Analyst graphics engine allows for chart grabbing for quick navigation. A history slider bar now allows for easy chart expansion and compression, while showing the full history of a chart in a view so you can easily identify exactly where you are in the market at any given time.

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